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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Registration, Rendezvous with Karoly & Tibor

Last Thursday, a week ago, was the official registration day for our math classes at BSM. I posted earlier the classes I intended to sign up for, but there is one change I have to make. I've decided not to take graph theory at all, not even audit it. I was initially planning on auditing it, which means that I would have to attend the four hours of class a week. But when I went to bed last night knowing that I'd have to wake up extra early to go to graph theory I said, "forget it." Plus, I'll be able to use those extra four hours to work on analytical number theory and for that class every minute counts. So now my schedule is the same as before but without graph theory. That means that I have three classes on both Monday and Friday and one class each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My schedule looks like a dumb bell.

The day before that, Wednesday, February 24, I was able to finally meet a local Hungarian on non-math terms. He is a 20-year-old student named Karoly and is a relative of Cathy Hirt, a family friend from when I used to live in Fort Worth. When my mom told her that I was living in Budapest, she gave me the email address of her Karoly, who is her cousin. A few days ago I emailed him and we made plans to meet up. In between bouts of number theory study sessions, I met Karoly and his friend Tibor at Baross utca to go to a nearby bar called Andersen Pub. I knew it was him since he was wearing his burnt orange UT hat, which made me feel immediately at home. The pub was just like all the other pubs I've been to in Budapest, we entered Andersen's by descending the claustrophobic stairs to the main sitting area which seems to extend indefinitely through a series of catacombs underneath a building. A big feature of Andersen's is their Meter of Beer, where you get ten small glasses of draught placed in a wooden trough a meter long. Karoly, Tibor and I talked about the differences between America and Hungary and what its like to be in school and go to bars and clubs in either place. This is, of course, the only things that college students do no matter what country you live in. I had a great time meeting both of them and look forward to hanging out with them in the future.

Also, my youngest sister Rachel turned 16! Happy Birthday, Rachel! Have fun driving!

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